99 Levels
Logical already offers you 99 puzzles to beat.
You can try to become better and better and beat your own highscores.
Online Highscore*
Not yet, needs 2500 downloads to be unlocked
Sound and Music*
Not yet, needs 10000 downloads to be unlocked
Level editor*
Not yet, needs 20000 downloads to be unlocked
* Not yet implemented, see special event for more informations!


Logical is a funny puzzle game for Android phones with TouchScreen.

Your task is to deflect marbles that they match four similar coloured marbles in one wheel. When they do, the marbles will disappear and the wheel becomes inactive. Can you manage all wheels to become inactive?

You fight agains time and traps and you have to take care of game elements that modify the rules!

Play 99 levels with a steady increasing difficult.

Special event!

You can help to make Logical even better! Send us your ideas.

A special event for you is, that we continue developing the game if there is enough positive response to it!

Therefor you can help everyone by telling your friends about Logical. As more people download Logical for their Android, as more features we will develop!

Our development plans:

Animated and nice looking title screen (>500 Downloads)
The title screen will be redesigned from scratch, introducing some animated gameplays in background.
New level elements + new level (>1000 Downloads)
We integrate new game elements for even more fun and action.
Online Highscore (>2500 Downloads)
Share your scores with everyone and try to beat everyone. For this step we will redesign the score-system
Graphic addon (>5000 Downloads)
We'll redesign all graphics to look even better and offer a greater gameplay.
Music and sound (>10000 Downloads)
The game will become music and some sounds!
Level editor + Custom level support (>20000 Downloads)
A level editor to create custom maps. You can share the levels for everyone on the web and play custom levels.
Please note, that the event is limited until end of 2011.
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Logical ingame screenshot  
Manage two sides at the same time!


Logical ingame screenshot  
In this level you have to face time and an extreme number of color routes, so you also have to take care of the correct color.


Logical ingame screenshot  
That looks easy - the marbles color changes if they pass some of the level elements. Sadly mostly into the wrong one.